vacation_photoSummer’s coming to an end, and the kids are back in school, which means many of us have cashed in those vacation days or soon will.  As you consider your holiday plans and think about that all-inclusive resort in Cozumel remember to take advantage, turn off your smartphone and enjoy the much-needed R&R. Then… return to work a better boss. As president and managing partner of Dynamic Experience Group, Doug Fleener advises, be careful about the way you return back to the office, particularly if you’re a business owner. Checking in on your staff occasionally to make sure everything is running smoothly? Totally understandable. But, immediately pointing out the places where they fell short while you were snorkeling? Not ok. Keep in mind that your staff has had to pick up your slack while you were out of town. Putting them on the defensive when you return from grand vacations not only shows your lack of confidence in your employees; it hurts company morale as well. “Ultimately, if a store or company doesn’t run well when you’re out, it’s a leadership issue that starts with you,” says Fleener. “Fix it. But the last thing you need to do is to make people feel under-appreciated for their hard work when you’re out of the store.”

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