As October comes to a close, we’re also celebrating the 10th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Administered by the Department of Homeland Security, the program strives to protect the country from online incidents and to raise awareness by hosting programs and events nationwide. If you’ve missed some of these events over the month, please read over the following tips below from the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

  • Set strong passwords and do not share them.
  • Be careful about what you click and read online. Buzzword offers and catchy subject-lines are often attached to spam.
  • Use privacy settings and be careful about the private information you share online.
  • Keep your computer clear and clean by regularly deleting excess items and running program updates.


Currently on the FBI’s watch list:

Beware of Citadel malware platform Reveton Ransomware. The scam directs you to a download website and tricks users into paying a $300 fine to “unlock” their computers. The ransomware accuses users of violating U.S. laws and locks their computers. This is a hoax. Do not pay the money, instead, file a complaint at

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