Stop Paying Monthly Credit Card Processing Fees!
COCARD’s Non-Cash Adjustment Program is Money in the Bank.

Now you can go mobile, use the non-cash adjustment solution and your list prices have a built-in cash discount. In other words, the list prices are the cash prices, so no menu changes are needed. With the non-cash adjustment program, we provide you with free equipment, free setup, no contract, and free training all for a flat monthly fee

If you’re like us, the COVID-19 pandemic has your company scrambling to cut expenses in the face of economic uncertainty. Whether you are a restaurant providing curb service and to go or a retail business just trying to hang on, saving money and keeping your business open until better days is important.

With the Non-Cash Adjustment Program, you can provide the same great service, menu and pricing while encouraging your customers to pay with cash, it’s that simple. You don’t have to change anything and no matter how much or how little you process your monthly credit card fees will always be a flat rate of $35.00. For many businesses, these savings are a lifesaver, saving hundreds of dollars a month and allowing you to put money back into your business, your family and your employees.

The Non-Cash Adjustment Program includes free equipment, free setup, no contract, no termination fee, and free signage encouraging your customers to pay with cash; all for a flat rate of $35.00 per month. No matter how many transactions you process or your processing volume, it’s $35.00.  Not only are we offering a flat rate of $35.00 per month we are delaying any billing for 60 days, you pay nothing for 60 days.

We will get through this by working together.


“We integrated the COCARD non-cash adjustment program last quarter, and the savings have been fantastic — easily a few thousand dollars of cash we put back into our business! Our customers really appreciate the discount as well. Thanks, COCARD!”

-Gianni Nelson

“COCARD’s Non-Cash Adjustment Program is highly recommended! It’s saved us a fortune over the last 24 months, plus, the support staff at COCARD is top notch!”

-Trey Glass

“I’ve had an excellent experience with COCARD so far, The staff have been so easy to work with, and the money we are saving with Non-Cash Adjustment is helping our business grow!”

– Ally Wyatt

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