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We Provide

• Non-Cash Adjustment

• Point-of-Sale Systems

• EMV / PCI Integration

• Live Customer Support

Non-Cash Adjustment on Revonu Mobile

Three easy ways to accept payments:

Mobile App
Accept EMV Quick Chip,
contactless, or magnetic
stripe payments from your
own mobile device.

The best way to accept
payments with an all-in-one
device.invoices via email or
secure payment link.

Virtual Terminal
Securely accept payments,
store customer cards,
schedule payments, and
gain business insights.

Includes business management tools

Every Revonu account includes a powerful suite of business management tools, so you can manage your business from your computer or mobile device.


  • View and edit customer contact info and payment details
  • Discover top-selling products and services from your Item Catalog
  • Manage discounts and local tax rates
  • View sales reports at item level and for any time range

Revonu Mobile

Enabling merchants to accept payments anywhere

Mobile Processing Solutions for Merchant-owned iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Phones/Tablets.


Merchants install the Mobile App onto their device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Centralized control and transaction reporting via the secured site Choice of encrypted mobile card readers that accept NFC contactless payments, EMV chip cards and magnetic stripe. Pair with smartphones and tablets via the audio jack or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Mobile App

Built for both iOS and Android, and optimized to be responsive on all screens. Robust checkout platform that provides real-time data and supports offline payments.

Web Dashboard

Get smart analytics delivered right to you, and manage all your accounts, inventory, and settings on a single platform.

Pin Pads & Terminals

COCARD offers an elegant line of pin pads and terminals that are designed to support all types of businesses and merchant processing. We will also work with you to choose payment processing equipment that will allow you to process credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards with a single payment solution.


COCARD’s Pin Pads give our customers flexibility and security at the point of sale by allowing them to enter their proprietary financial information. COCARD offers a large line of PIN pads from leading manufacturers.


As a technology-driven company, COCARD offers the finest terminals in the industry designed to support your business. Customers can choose from credit card processing EMV compliant terminals, wireless and mobile options for faster credit card processing using IP or cell network technology.

Revonu Android

This industry leading, next generation solution, is powerful, reliable, and possesses all of the key features you need to run your business efficiently.

Revonu Android has a customizable, intuitive user interface that maximizes productivity, while customer and business management features help streamline customer flow and increase revenue.

The Cloud-based back office provides robust business analytics to streamline employee, vendor, and inventory management to help maximize profitability and control losses.

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