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Integrated hardware, cloud software & payment solutions.
Spend more time on the front-end of your business with our simple, cost-effective and customizable point of sale system. By pairing cutting-edge hardware with reliable cloud software and PCI compliant merchant payment processing, we’ve eliminated the hassle of dealing with multiple providers while allowing access to your business 24/7.


The core of the Revonu system is powerful – yet easy to use – point of sale software for restaurants, QSR, retail locations and salons. Our system includes loyalty and gift card integration, convenient back office management and reporting, complete payment solutions and a full set of options tailored specifically to your type of business.

Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all solution for your business and say hello to Revonu!

Anywhere Management

Make changes and updates on your menu items, price, description and promos from any computer or device with internet connection.


Modern Cloud Hosting

Monitored by PCI-DSS certified security experts, your data is safe and always available to you at any time.


Anytime Reporting

24/7 access to all reports on any computer or device with internet connection. Manage one or a chain of stores from one site.


Get Started Today!

Allow us to take your business to next level with our custom fit POS solution and excellent staff who are here to assist you.

NCR Silver POS

NCR Silver is the all-in-one solution designed to support your big aspirations.

  • Live Support 24/7

  • Multi-Store Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Built In Loyalty

  • Inventory Management

  • Consolidated Reporting

  • Advanced Security

  • Employee Management

This Plug-and-Play POS System Doesn’t Play Games

NCR Silver is the all-in-one tablet point-of-sale system that comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t – to run your small business or franchise.

NCR Silver Point of Sale System
Clover POS
Clover Point of Sale System
Clover POS is designed to accept a wide variety of payment methods, such as:
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay and other contactless payment types


  • EMV (chip + PIN; chip + signature)


  • Cash, credit, debit & EBT  card swipes (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, & more.)
Clover Flexibility

Clover is a full-featured POS system that replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer and barcode scanner. The easy use and striking Clover POS system comes in three different models, the Clover Station, the Clover Mini and the Clover Mobile.

Pin Pads & Terminals

COCARD offers an elegant line of pin pads and terminals that are designed to support all types of businesses and merchant processing. We will also work with you to choose payment processing equipment that will allow you to process credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards with a single payment solution.


COCARD’s Pin Pads give our customers flexibility and security at the point of sale by allowing them to enter their proprietary financial information. COCARD offers a large line of PIN pads from leading manufacturers.


As a technology-driven company, COCARD offers the finest terminals in the industry designed to support your business. Customers can choose from credit card processing EMV compliant terminals, wireless and mobile options for faster credit card processing using IP or cell network technology.

EMV-compliant card reader.
Gift Cards
Gift card in hand.
COCARD makes it easy to process gift cards.

Choose from denominated or non-denominated, expiring or non-expiring and refundable or non-refundable options. Along with gift cards and loyalty programs, electronic cards can be used for merchandise returns, coupons and store promotions.


COCARD can provide gift cards or work with your third-party provider.

Mobile Solutions
COCARD offers a variety of Mobile Processing Solutions:
  • Mobile Processing Solutions for Merchant-owned iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Phones/Tablets.


  • Merchants install the Mobile App onto their device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


  • Centralized control and transaction reporting via the secured site accessible via your PC or mobile device.


  • In addition, COCARD offers Mobile processing solutions for dedicated wireless POS terminals.


  • Signature capture/email receipts capability for (iPhone/Android).


  • Bluetooth card reader/printer for receipts (Android).

Cost Savings — Multiple card swipe processing options – Business owners can use the encrypted audio-jack card reader or Magtek’s encrypted Bluetooth or clip-on card readers to qualify for swiped rates.


Enhanced Security (advanced security) — Mobile transactions are never stored on the business owner’s phone.


Versatility — Business owners can process payments securely away from their storefront or office. Great for trade shows, in-home sales, festivals, craft fairs, taxis, flea markets, limo services, plumbers, hair stylists, electricians, nail salons, locksmiths, CPAs, dog groomers, coffee kiosks, etc .Ease-of-Use — business owners can manage enable/disable functions by device from one centralized location within the COCARD Merchant Support Center.


Compatibility — COCARD has many configurable options that include downloading transactions into QuickBooks, tracking of invoice/order ID number, tip entry, and signature capture.

Wireless Merchants

Any merchant can benefit from wireless payment processing. With a COCARD Wireless Merchant account, businesses have the freedom to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime.


Wireless technology lets service providers offer to their customers. When checkout lines grow long, storefront retailers can add payment locations by using wireless terminals. Wireless credit card authorization can take just two to five seconds, compared to fifteen to twenty seconds at dial-up terminals—completing more sales in less time.


A COCARD Wireless account is easy to set up and inexpensive to install. Terminals are activated just hours after enrolling. There’s no need to call the phone company or to have telephone or electrical outlets nearby, allowing for mobile payment locations.

Revonu mobile swiper for iPhone and Android devices
Other Services

Today, paper food stamps are no longer necessary as government assistance programs issue benefits through stored-value Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. These EBT cards allow recipients of government benefits to purchase products using the card and a personal identification (PIN) number.


If your business is currently or will be accepting EBT, COCARD’s POS systems can process EBT card transactions seamlessly through a stand-alone card processing terminal or a point of sale system.

Check Processing

Reduce the risk and cost associated with accepting checks with COCARD’s check processing solutions. COCARD offers check verification, check truncation, and check guarantee services as well as a line of check processing equipment.


Check processing from COCARD allows you to:


• Stop wasting time trying to collect bad checks. Process checks faster at the point of sale, reducing check-out times for customers.


• With the use of guarantee and conversion, merchants reduce the risk of bad check fees, deposit ticket costs, NSF check fees and cash flow delays.


• Truncation and conversion allows merchants to identify whether there are sufficient funds in an account, identifying fraud before it occurs.

Merchant Cash Advance

COCARD’s merchant cash advance is the fastest and easiest way to get a cash advance without the hassle of a business loan. With our simple online application process, flexibility, and fast approvals you can tap into your future credit card sales for the capital you to succeed and grow.


There are no restrictions on the funds you receive, so you can use your merchant cash advance loan for anything your business needs. Also, because a merchant cash advance is paid back through a small portion of your future credit card transactions, there are no set monthly payments.