CoCard wants to alert all clients of a bug attacking the Internet’s OpenSSL software (an encryption software widely used by businesses to protect customer data) discovered by security researchers on April 7, 2014 called the Heartbleed Bug. Hackers use the bug to create websites that mirror legitimate ones in order to steal usernames, passwords and credit card data from unsuspecting users. According to a recent report by The Washington Post, this bug went undetected for two years and may have affected as many as two-thirds of the Internet. The next step is for all 500,000 affected sites to revoke their current certificates and issue new ones.

Though this breach attacked the websites of many mom-and-pop shops and those of major companies like Facebook, Netflix, OkCupid and Dropbox (all currently reissuing their certificates), it fortunately did not affect bank or government websites.

CoCard prides itself on providing data security to its clients and takes matters like these seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about the Heartbleed Bug, please contact one of our dedicated professionals at 1.800.317.1819.

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CNN also has another great article called Heartbleed Bug: What you need to know (FAQ)