Fraud photo

As a small business owner, you’re not only the purveyor of goods and services, you’re a watchdog against credit card fraud. To protect your customers and your store, you and your cashiers must always stay on high alert.

For card-present transactions be sure to train your staff on the top warning signs of fraud:

  1. Always ask for customer ID and check to make sure the customer’s driver’s license and credit card signature and names match.
  2. Look for evidence that the card has been altered.
  3. Know your business, and what does and does not constitute a typical transaction.
  4. Look for warning signs from the customer. Is he or she sweaty, anxious and suspicious? Did he or she jump into your lane while you were changing out the register/in the middle of a closing-time rush?
  5. Pay attention to customers who buy things with a high resale value, or who re-enter the store after a large purchase and continue shopping.

If you or one of your employees suspects fraud, it’s imperative that you call Code 10 immediately. Here’s how.

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